Principle of protection device for mine used Jiangmen belt conveyor

2020-07-02 17:55:24

In order to give full play to the effect of mine mechanized equipment and achieve the goal of less manpower, low cost and efficiency, it is necessary to select a variety of modern information and active skills, and establish a new operation mode of long-distance monitoring, control, management integration and manual inspection of the main conveyor belt in the whole mine. Most of the mine belt conveyor maintenance devices are mainly composed of electrical control, monitoring, monitoring and inductive maintenance. The mine belt conveyor maintenance device is equipped with mine long-distance control box, broadcast telephone, local control box and sensors with various maintenance functions, It has the characteristics of field programmable, input / output points expandable, stable operation, convenient and flexible operation

The maintenance device of mining Guangdong belt conveyor has the following features:

(1) the mine belt conveyor maintenance device is mainly composed of transport belt conveyor, coal feeder and other basic equipment, The communication module of the control equipment is used to realize the long-distance control of the belt. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out monitoring for various maintenance such as slipping, stacking, over temperature, smoke, longitudinal tearing, dust elimination, speed, deviation and coal level. Before remote control, it is necessary to check whether it is normal and whether it meets the centralized control and monitoring requirements of the belt conveyor

(2) the mine belt conveyor maintenance device adopts the drive control cabinet and the data transmission network to achieve different scale control. The monitoring and monitoring of the whole operation process of the belt and coal feeder in the completion system, together with the centralized control room, constitute a perfect belt monitoring system


(3) realize centralized monitoring of belt conveyor transportation system, real-time monitor equipment status and operation parameters, and display data curve, and record important information in hard disk

(4) the control method of belt maintenance device can be changed between centralized control active / centralized control manual / local. In normal production, the centralized control active method is used to start and stop the equipment from the central control console according to the sequence and process required by the process; when the centralized control is manual, all the equipment can be operated at the central control console without locking and linkage relationship: when the equipment is local, it can be operated on the site

(5) before starting the equipment, the central control console sends a warning signal, and the well calls down the warning through the belt voice. After 30 seconds of the warning, if the site meets the conditions for the centralized control active starting, the equipment can be started in sequence. In case of emergency, the parking button can be used to stop the engine on site and in the control room

(6) according to the "skill requirements", the belt conveyor is equipped with pull switch, running deviation maintenance, and parking button can be selected to stop the belt operation on site and in the control room. In case of grade I deviation, the first level alarm will be announced in the control room, and the second level deviation can make the defective parking and low-speed maintenance;

(7) give real-time alarm for equipment fault and abnormal process parameters, and give sound and light prompt. 1. Only alarm is given for general faults. In case of abnormal parking or serious faults on site, the defective equipment and its upstream equipment shall be urgently parked, and the downstream equipment shall be delayed and locked along the coal flow

(8) voice intercom bell shall be installed along the belt to facilitate the contact of operation and maintenance personnel.

Source: Guangdong belt conveyor

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